Vladimir Jean-Baptiste Allegedly Smuggled Guns Into Haiti Via Dog Food

Agent-x - June 10 2012, 8:59 AM

According to huffingtonpost-com on 07 June 2012, Federal agents arrested dozens of cocaine smugglers, including two Miami International Airport employees, in a massive crackdown on illegal trafficking on Wednesday.

The same day, a South Florida man was indicted in a West Palm Beach federal court for hiding over two dozen semi-automatic handguns and shotguns in boxes of dog food in order to "arm his people" in Haiti, reports the Sun Sentinel.

Vladimir Jean-Baptiste, 40, of Broward County, reportedly told Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms investigators that he was starting a security firm in Haiti and authorities confirm that he was carrying a Blackberry phone provided by the Police Nationale d'Haiti when he was arrested on May 31. Read the full report on Sun Sentinel.

Jean-Baptiste had hoped surrounding his illegal exports in dog food would throw off any investigating sniffer canines.

Other smugglers have used much odder methods to conceal their crimes.

In January, a North Carolina man hid a .38 caliber, six inch barrel revolver in his rectum in order to sneak the firearm into a jail.

Months later, at New York's JFK airport, a man attempted to smuggle a knife on board a flight by storing it in a jar of mayonnaise.

It was an strange choice considering liquids like mayo are also banned on flights.

Likewise, a California man at Oakland Airport tried to explain away any attention from dug-sniffing drugs by hiding his marijuana in a jar of peanut butter, a common favorite for any canine.

TSA agents found his sticky stash while confiscating his Skippy, banned on board because it's considered a liquid.


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