Haitian immigration to DR pose potential risk to Low skill Dominicans

Agent-x - June 9 2012, 9:09 AM

According to diarioadiario-com on Wed 06 June 2012 DR and Haiti claims must reach common agreement on migration

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic and Haiti need to establish a joint regulatory framework on migration, as is evident in the former country the need of the Haitian labor, according to a study released yesterday found by the World Bank the two countries.

Accordingly, bilateral economic relations are based on trade, migration and remittances to which is added the impact of natural phenomena that affect the two countries that share the Caribbean island formerly known as the "Spanish".

The report "Haiti, Dominican Republic: more than the sum of its parts", says that 46% of Haitians cross the Dominican side makes it temporarily to work in agriculture, mainly.

"Despite the considerable challenges arising from the migration between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, there is currently a common legal framework to regulate it," says the document.

The study, according to the agency was developed in the last four years, encourages closer collaboration and leaves clearly established the difference in the economies of both countries.

"Around about 150,000 households benefit business in the Dominican Republic with Haiti," said World Bank research, which also reveals that 30% of imports come from your partner Haitian border.

However, the report says that increased trade integration between the two countries facing a structural limitation, since the products sent to Haiti Dominican Republic do not meet the demand for imports of this nation.

"The search for larger markets and low interest shown by Haiti's traditionally greater trade integration could explain why the Dominican Republic assigned higher priority to integration with Central American countries and the United States," the analysis the organism.

With regard to migration, the World Bank says that the evidence collected on the potential risk of Haitian immigration to generate adverse effects on income of Dominicans with low skill levels, is not conclusive.

"The impact of immigration on wages Haitian Dominicans is limited, because the latter change slowly and Haitians are only partial substitutes for Dominican workers," the study, defined as "relatively low" impact of Haitian workers on public finances of the Dominican Republic.

The report notes that while remittances from Haitians in the Dominican Republic make up a smaller proportion than those sent from the U.S., the former are more likely to reduce poverty in Haiti and that primarily benefit lower income households in the country.


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