Dominican shameless propaganda against Haiti

Agent-x - June 8 2012, 8:10 PM

According to dr1-com Quote Originally Posted by NALs View Post
BTW, the actual number of Haitians that were killed in 1937 was not 25,000 but rather around 6,000. For some reason (political, no doubt), the estimates have been continually inflated every decade since then. The highest I've seen was 50,000; that's probably 5 times the actual Haitian migrant population in 1937. lol
In any case, the Dominican government did paid reparations to the Haitian government and the latter accepted, albeit the relatives of the victims didn't see a cent since the Haitian politicians pocketed what was given.

We're still waiting for a Haitian apology for the massacres they did commit against the Dominicans starting in 1805 and ending with the last invasion attempt in the mid/late 1850s.


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