Jean Betrand Aristide is the Godfather of all recent criminals...

Stefan Joseph - June 7 2012, 5:32 AM

Jean Betrand Aristide is the Godfather of all recent criminals in Haiti.

99% of all criminals, drug dealers and kidnappers arrested by Haiti's police and judicial system or by the DEA are proteges of Jean Betrand Aristide and members of his Fanmi Lavalas party.

Guy Philippe was created by Jean Betrand Aristide in 1995. He hired him as a police commissioner and promoted him over the years.

They were nine police commissioners that served as Aristide political arm at that time. Some of them worked on drug trafficking for him others on kidnappings and assassination of political opponents.

Guy Philippe helped him with the stealing and rigging of the 2000 Legislative elections.

Those are facts that could be check by reading and analyzing various reports from Haiti's radio stations and local human rights reports.


Why when Haitian criminals are in trouble want to be the priest friend?

According to the adage "Politics makes strange bedfellows" Agent-X will add Adversity makes strange Devil advocates...

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