Take baby duck with you to Leogane, Haiti. He will show you...

Agent-x - June 5 2012, 12:41 PM

Take baby duck with you to Leogane, Haiti.

He will show you where the quack doctors are hiding there.

Those quack doctors will ask you for a fee to ingest their worthless "panacea"to you which modern medicine call placebo.

You should suggest to Roro nelson to open an El Dorado in Leogane for tourist Purposes since Roro is very good with his hands.

BTW my parents used to tell me that when the Haitian elite want to increase exponentially the property values in a particular remotes part of Haiti, they usually put a statue of virgin Mary there and spread rumors through their media accomplices that some people saw the apparition of virgin Mary and some of those people were cured from their real or imaginary diseases.Thus, people everywhere start converging at the location and the price of the land will increases every year according to the size of the gullible crowd.


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What about mono atomic or monatomic gold? Palladium...


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