Restrictions a des visa dominicain aux Haitiens

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According to radiokiskeya-com on Monday 4 June 2012 translated into English by Google translator, News> The issuance of visas to Haitians dominicain now subject to

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Issuing visas to Haitians dominicain now subject to restrictions

Dominicain Chancellor Carlos Morales Troncoso, ordered that his services are directly involved in the analysis of visa applications made in the various consulates around the country where travelers are already starting to complain about a lot of red tape

Published Monday, June 4, 2012

The chief diplomat dominicaine, Carlos Morales Troncoso, just passed strict instructions to the new consuls representing his country in Haiti so as to avoid any distortion or irregularity in the issuance of visas.

Intervening in the wake of strong statements by Ambassador of Haiti to Santo Domingo, Fritz Cineas, demanding respect for fundamental rights of our compatriots across the border, the chancellor ordered that from 1 June (since Friday) the issuance of visas to Haitians is directly authorized by the Chancery.

In an internal memorandum revealed by the newspaper Listin Diario, Mr. Troncoso has advised consular officials that they should only accept visa applications made by prospective travelers presenting themselves personally to one of the consulates Dominicans, without any form intervention of any intermediary.

Dominicain leader said that strict compliance with the new procedures will prevent any misinformation against the dominicain visa from a company or a person whose interests would be harmed.

Carlos Morales Troncoso finally warned that severe sanctions will be especially targeted consuls for violations of procedures for granting business visas.

The entry into force of these new measures has already begun to cause, in Port-au-Prince, discontent among Haitian visa applicants to travel to the Dominican Republic, are now required to submit a variety of documents including letter invitation, bank statement and address during the stay in neighboring territory.

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