Agent-X is opening the case of the Haitian birds refugees in diaspora

Agent-x - June 5 2012, 9:43 AM

Agent-X is not related to the Audubon family but want open the case of the Haitian birds in the diaspora.

Most of those birds in the diaspora went into exile from Haiti to the Dominican Republic, Cuba,Jamaica, Bahamas,Bonaires, St.Lucia, Trinidad,Venezuela, Florida because of systematic cruelty the Duvalier regime inflicted to humans as well to the environment.

Most of those birds became homeless when Duvalier gave order to cut trees to make sure kamokin are not hiding in the bushes and the macoutes were shooting them as target practices or for fun while the children of those macoutes emulated their parents behaviors by killing those birds with slingshots aka fistiballs in Ayitian language.

Agent-X recommends that Ministre des Ha

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