Cholera spike in Carrefour, Martissant while Guy phillipe enjoy good health

Agent-x - June 4 2012, 9:36 AM


Why so many malefactors want to make their mea culpa to God Ambassador while they are ignoring now the next door Embassy?

4 June 2012. There is a substantial increase of cholera in Carrefour and Martissant, Haiti.

Environmental experts ascribed the secondary cause of cholera in Carefour and Martissant to the rainy season, mangos season and to a gradual relaxation to the hygenic principles.

Political scientist experts attribute the primary cause of the cholera to Guy Philippe whose treacherous, unpatriotic and opportunistic actions cause the presence of MUNISTAH, the vector of cholera in Haiti.

Meanwhile, Guy Philippe apparently continues to enjoy good health so far while the disease claims over seven thousand death.

No wonder why guy phillippe currently went out of his way to talk to God's son and ambassador, meaning the priest which boils down to Jean Bertrand Aristide.

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