This is a phoney, artificial and subversive issue that is...

Agent-x - May 31 2012, 12:29 PM

This is a phoney, artificial and subversive issue that is geared to destabilized China.

The Tibetans are an integral part of china the same way the Ibos, Congos are an integral part of Haiti.

The Tibetan issue is an outright interference by the True Axis of Evil-TAoE in a desperate attempt to return China in extreme poverty, degradation as it was prior to Mao revolution.

Before they attack a country they send a battery of Social scientists such as Anthropologists, economists,political scientists, psychologists etc to study those country population, to find polarization and exploits them to the fullest.

Then they start to identify the weaks, the opportunists to finance them, give them weapons to destabilizing the country.

Tunisia, Egypt,Libya, Syria etc are examples The TAoE will not be able to put China on its knees as the British did with their opium.

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