Haitian Government Pays Mothers Who Send Children To School

Agent-x - May 30 2012, 5:27 PM

According to on May 2012 Atlantablackstar-com on 29 May 2012, The Haitian government is implementing a new program to reward mothers with cash who keep their children in school.

Furthermore, the payments will be transferred via mobile phone, making Haiti one of the first countries to use such a system.

The program is named Ti Manman Cheri, which translates to

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Magalie Rimer says...

Payer les femmes pour envoyer leurs enfants more »

Monel says...

Margalie Rimer je suis entierement d'accord avec toi,je pense c'est de la gaspillage pour creer plus de misere dans ce pays. Tant que on n'a pas une... more »