Woody, we can get there in 30 years if we truly are...

Bernadette - May 30 2012, 4:55 PM

Woody, we can get there in 30 years if we truly are conscientious about every step we take to get there.

We also must take into account natural disasters of which we have no control over. 30 years will account to about two new generations.

If those new social programs are real, they can provide meals and free schools to these young folks.

We must also take back our agricultural system to lower the dependency on food. This new generation should learn the basics of civic duties and the true love for the country and the Haitian citizens with no exceptions.

The kids should go to school for a purpose, with a strong purpose to serve Haiti.

We never had a program for such a purpose before because we were following European models and lately American models of life and school curriculae, perhaps in the hope of emigrating to new lands.

Now, we have to find our own model to diffuse Haitian school curriculum and programs.

Designing a program or a universal curriculum in itself is very daunting.

A model to check periodically the success of some program and also to determine its pitfalls and improvement is another story.

If the diaspora was not paying lip service to Haiti, This group could play a pivotal role in helping the new generation joining the middle-class status.

The Haitian diaspora could do so by collectively help funding new source of private funds to help Haitians in Haiti with start-up money, provide technical assistance and business incubators for newly formed business owners.

It remains to be seen how committed we are to our people and our land Haiti.

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