Dominican Government threatens to disarm the population again

Agent-x - May 30 2012, 11:59 AM

Those that were accusing Aristide for the Chimeres failed to understand that the True Axis of Evil-TAoE are the university of crime.

After they graduated their students then they shipped them to their countries of origin to destabilized those countries.Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica,Trinidad, Barbados,Greneda, Guyana,the rest of the Caribbean region and Latin America have the same problem.

Speak to any Latin American or Caribbean that have at least one micro gram of brain about gangs and instability in the region and they will echoed the above story.

According to Dominican Today-com on 30 May 2012, Dominican Government threatens to disarm the population again
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Santo Domingo.- The Interior and Police Ministry on Monday again threatened to

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Please,give me a break. Aristide gives those deadly heavy weapons to the chimeres;Here we are not talking about small caliber hand guns such as... more »