Martelly fired commissionner Mario Beauvoir for arresting his friend Calix

Agent-x - May 29 2012, 10:18 PM

On May 29th 2012, Martelly have his injustice minister, Mr. Jean Renel Sanon fired the Commissioner of the town of Croix des Bouquets, Attorney Mario Beauvoir for ordering the arrest of Martelly's friend Mr. Calix Valentin in connection of the killing of Mr. Octonal Derissaint that occurred on 20 April 2012 in the town of Malpasse, Haiti near the Dominican border.

Mr. Octanol Derissaint,33, was shot three times on his head presumably by Mr.Valentin.

Commissioner Mario Beauvoir complained that the Martelly Government has been pressurized him to release Mr. Calix Valentin and he even received some death threats.

Commissioner Mario Beauvoir has made a desperate plea for his life to the foreign embassies and the media today for help because he fears the Martelly people are about to harm him.

Commissioner Mario Beauvoir stated that he ordered the arrest of six [6] persons in connection with the Tabarre public marked fire that occurred on February 24th 2012.

Commissioner Mario Beauvoir have Colombian Jairo Jaimes Penuela arrested on 23 February 2012 in connection with 300 kilos of cocaine he was transporting in Haiti.

It appears that Martelly has some deep involvement in the above three cases.

Commissioner Mario Beauvoir mistakenly beleive that Michel Martelly knows how to spell when Martelly states un Etat de droit, he means un Etat de doigt ou de douet so martelly expected commissioner Mario Beauvoir to .*...

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Monel says...

Nan 4 gran "E" Martelly tap pale yo,gen yonn nan yo kal bwe' chat. "E"ta de dwa. Yon Komise ki arete yon asasen,piske kriminel la se konseye... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Not only they insulted the victim familly by offering 150,000 dollars,now they are abusing their power on someone for trying to bring proper,legal... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Mateli ap voye kakka,anpil kakka. Misye ap kondane'e tet't li. Map pral rele'e kontak mwen Ayiti pou pran bon jan ti mamit't ki pa gin boudin... more »