Get rid of the degenerate foreign influences in Haiti to curtails crime

Agent-x - May 29 2012, 3:13 AM

To combat violence in Haiti we must get rid of the degenerate foreign cultural influences there before it is too late:

We must ban blue jeans, sneakers,baseball, basketball,McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza,Roy Rogers, White Castle type of establishments, mini skirts like, tight pants, or women that show even 1% of their breast in public as we know there is no such thing as garment malfunction, baggy pants, saggy pants, wigs,tattoos, hippie style of clothing, carrying guns, knife,baseball bats, men walking on the street with under shirts or no shirts,
American movies that show sex and any kind of violence and cursing.

We must filtering the internet for negative influences, ban pornography, books that glorify or advocate alternative lifestyles, feminist thought that undermined the traditional family arrangement which lead to the delinquency of our youth.

Our youth must master the Haitian history and civic before being introduced to world history.

We must Restore the purity of the Ayitian language by sanctioning anyone that uses foreign words such as weekend, still, you know, this is business or he is a smart person as an euphemism for stealing, luz, driver, camina,busy, tires,boy friend, girl,muchaco, muchacha,hombre, friend, work,lazy, airplane,corazon, amor,boat, gun,feeling, housekeeping,caballero, falla to name a few of the numerous unnecessary redundancy of foreign vocabulary we are using.

We must make the rigoize and martinette mandatotory for any child that talk back to their parents or cut classes.

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Carl.henrydietz says...

You must be a remnant of the Duvaliers and Aristide to cry about getting rid of foreign influence. I am not sure about the planet or the rock you... more »