Memorial Day Should Be Taken For Granted

Bernadette - May 29 2012, 12:02 AM

Today in the US is Memorial Day.
A day when we celebrate all the
men and women who have fought to
keep our country free. Sometimes
we don't appreciate those freedoms
until we lose them. But even in
jail in the United States prisoner
are permitted freedom of religion,
to worship as they choose.

While in some places on the planet,
men and women are incarcerated and
even given a death sentence because
of their faith.

I am grateful for all of the men
and women who have served to keep
my country free.

For all of you who live in the
US I hope you had a great Memorial
Day Weekend.

Today my husband and my two
daughters celebrated Memorial day in remembrance of one being born In US and the second daughter never been to Haiti but strongly identify with Haiti.

Strangely enough the second one was born in Japan as an American Citizen "born abroad", has not visited Haiti yet but has strong feelings of identification with Haiti.

Since my husband in not Haitian, my daughters don't even speak Haitian nor do they have strong cultural ties from childhood about Haiti.

Their friends and school mates are not Haitians.

I must conclude then that being Haitian is genetic not cultural as I previously thought.

I am 1/2 Haitian, that makes them 1/4 Haitian still the connection is powerful.

Hopefully, someday we can all visit Haiti in peace, comfort, without fear and retaliation, in that I say Happy Memorial Day in that we should not take for granted.

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