You are right if he does not know. I was not thinking deeply...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 28 2012, 2:58 PM

You are right if he does not know.
I was not thinking deeply with his capabilities.

Wow! you are good, I am impress with you knowledge in flow energy frequency.

Remember about my cold energy conversation last year?

Two months ago i meet a Jamaican electrician that want to further his knowledge in things that they did not teach him in school.

I mean that man is good but i told him he was not good enough.

He was lost when i told him about cold electricity and if he can made his own three phases with 2 phases line without using the cold line from the grid to produce clean sine-wave electricity to be able to run sensitive electronic devices like high tech CNC machinery?"He was totally lost"
I offer him and his crew my help to make real money in Phase converters.

He said possibly he will joint me this summer to learn more.

By the way i am stock with my project i cannot find anymore input in cold electricity, i even built a device in last November trying to tune a magnetron tube with resonance that i built"did not work".

I am sure that energy in the negative electric field"negative electron".

I read almost every book from the masters"nothing".

Patrick.J Kelly is in UK, he is digging for me, but i haven't hear from him since October.

Maybe, you can help?

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Jean pierre, Yes,it is better for the guy to buy...


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Based on your presenting problem I am assuming that you are a neophyte in the field of electronics especially in radio...

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