Jean pierre, Yes, it is better for the guy to buy those...

Agent-x - May 28 2012, 2:15 PM

Jean pierre, Yes, it is better for the guy to buy those antennas than to make them himself because I am assuming he does not know much about electronics.

He won't be able to tell if an antenna is resonant for the frequency he want to use.
The link you send me IW5EDI I am well aware of it because I am a "sometime radio amateur." IW5EDI is an amateur radio in Italy that seldom shows pictures of the antennas he is talking about.

A a picture worth a thousand words.

This guy wrote many topic about amateur radio but his forte is concentrating on antenna constructions for which he seldom show pictures.

Any RX/TX antenna appears apparently simple but their design and functioning are very complicated.

Depending of the frequency you want to use, a constellation of variables can affect in a positive or negative way the efficiency of an antenna such as large body of water near by such as ocean, sea,lakes, the thickness and the height of vegetation nearby, soil relative salinity, tall building, metallic structures nearby, mountains ranges, obstruction of the line of sight between the antenna with other objects, the dynamic of the D, E,F layer in the ionosphere, the time of the day or night, the season and the solar spots, other man made interferences near by such as cars, transmitter radio, industrial instrument in use, high voltage line near by.

You need antenna tuner and antenna analyzer to build a resonant antenna for the frequency you want to receiver or transmit such as MFJ 993B and MFJ-269, RadioShack multimeter 2200811 and a Keson MC10M50 50 Feet Measuring Tape otherwise providence or the hazard will take control of the outcome of the project.

You need precise measurements to send safely a man to the moon, mars or planet-X. The same rule apply to radio communications.

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Agent-x,i think you are confusing the man. Building a...


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Based on your presenting problem I am assuming that you are a neophyte in the field of electronics especially in radio...

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