House keeper died electrocuted in P-au-P while working at starvation wage

Agent-x - May 25 2012, 1:42 PM

We just learned that a "bonne" who was working at starvation wage for an Haitian bourgeois in Bois Verna, Port-au-Prince was inadvertently electrocuted while she was hanging washed wet clothing on a clothing line.

The authorities must investigate to find out why the bourgeois clothing line was electrified and whether the bourgeois is allergic to pay taxes.

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Agent-x says...

Correction: Ms Marie Lourdie,23 y/o died electrocuted on the roof of the house. A high voltage electrical wire was in proximity of the house... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

This is a sad news. I feel the pain for the future of her kids. Just imagine who those kids will suffer. Things were not easy for them already,now? more »