This is what happened when people cherish material possession...

Agent-x - May 22 2012, 6:15 PM

This is what happened when people cherish material possession better than their own life.

He died as a true materialist.

This is the same type of people that have respect only for wealth not for intrinsic value of other people such as intelligence, good manners, helpful to other in case of need. In other word, it is not who you are but what you can do for them or has to offer them that matter.

Agent-X call those type of people economic animals.

Those economic animals will greet you with their canned smile or ignore you completely according to the size of your relative wealth.

We came naked and with no material possession in this temporary world so we should leave the same way. So killing oneself for material possession is absurd.


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Agent-X, I beg to differ. These people are victim of...

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