Rabies cases they try to label Haiti as its vector

Agent-x - May 22 2012, 8:25 AM

Thw True Axis of evil-TAoE has been in cold war with Haiti over Two hundred years for eradicating slavery on the face of this planet at 99%.

This cold war take many forms and has been a relentless and inexorably systematic campaign in their media to misrepresent and vilify the Haitian culture by painting its customs and religion as negative and evil such as the Voodoo which has been the First religion of humanity who emerged in Africa.

Serial coup d'Etats orchestrated and financed by them have been such examples.

Serial economic embargoes have been such examples.

Serial political and diplomatic interferences in the internal affairs of Haiti have been examples.

Naked exploitation by imposing starvation wages to the Haitian workers while maximizing profit to the transnational share holders that live in a life style of insane extravaganza and opulence while the Haitian workers and their families are dieing from malnutrition.

Serial bacteriological warfare to demoralize and quarantine Haiti from the rest of the world such as Smallpox, AIDS, Cholera etc..

Now the are trying to insinuate that a rabies disease is in progression from Haiti as the article below are implying:

In 2011, a New Jersey resident was infected by a dog from Haiti and a New York resident was infected by a dog from Afghanistan.

While several bat species pose a threat in all 48 contiguous states, rabbits are a major reservoir on the East Coast.

America & Rabies
U.S. rabies control is superior to other parts of the world.

By Lou Anne Epperley, DVM
For Veterinary Practice News

But despite hard-won control of the virus in people and domestic animals, authorities continue to battle rabies in wild animal populations, said Kristy K. Bradley, DVM, MPH, who is Oklahoma

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