Cholera A Fury Still In Haiti

Bernadette - May 21 2012, 10:46 PM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, May 18, 2012 (IPS) - As predicted, the beginning of the rainy season in Haiti brought exponential increases in the numbers of people sickened and killed by cholera.

While the number of new cases in December was about 300 per day nationwide, this week one centre in the capital alone reported receiving 95 cases per day. And the numbers are expected to increase.

As of late April, at least 7,112 people had died and over 536,943 been made ill by the deadly water-borne disease first introduced to Haiti by Nepalese peacekeepers 17 months ago. More than one in 20 Haitians has been infected so far.

"Between the first week of April and the last week of April, the number of new patients increased by three-fold" in the capital, Ga

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Lovanist says...

Benardette I don't understand everything about what you say about the Cholera problem it is look like you say a lot about it and people should pay... more »