Mwen te li sa Stanley Lucas te ekri sou senate ki nan...

Elisabeth Jean Marie - May 21 2012, 10:26 AM

Mwen te li sa Stanley Lucas te ekri sou senate ki nan korispsyon ak nan dwog, teke la: Mwen pa kwe ke Stanley Lucas chanje pozisyon.

Stanley Lucas did a good analysis on the senators involved in corruption and drug trafficking.

I heard him over the radio last week. He stated a year later the Martelly team should assess progress but as well efforts of INITE and the corrupt to undermine change teke le:

Lucas believed that there is reconfiguration of the Martelly team that is dangerous for stability and change.

Within the movment not you have Lambert linked to drug trafficking, Mario Dupuy linked to corruption and political violence and Jean Max Bellerive linked to corruption.

Groupe de bourdon is also trying to get back in. They are using the dominican journalist report and their bank UNIBANK to undermine Martelly and his team.

Dangerous stuff for Tet Kale. They are trying to stop change from within.

Stanley Lucas is the democratic warrior standing up against these corrupt forces.

I admire him. He is fighting against the corrupt evil in-country and the foreign profiteers.

Fok ou genyen ampil kouraj pou goumen kont fos reyaksyone sa yo

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Bro se Stanley Lucas mwen ta renmen tande ki te di...


Joseph Lambert special political adviser of President Martelly ?

Joseph Lambert special political adviser of President Martelly? According to some sources [not officially confirmed...

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Stanley Lucas se aganman,that's why he is there...

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