Zeke Petrie, 39, stands in a jail cell in Port-au-Prince

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 21 2012, 9:46 AM

This man looks more Haitian to me than any C O C K S U C K E R S that i know in the US/Haiti.

But, he made one mistake, he should of come to me for training first before go down to Haiti.

Zeke Petrie, 39, stands in a jail cell in Port-au-Prince May 20, 2012. Petrie and another American, Steven Shaw, were detained for taking part in a demonstration on Friday that called for the reinstatement of Haiti's military, according to media reports.

Haitian police said Shaw and Petrie drove former soldiers and volunteers in the march.

The Haitian army was dissolved in 1995 after decades of human rights abuses

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