Bel Fanm Dedette I know there is no compareson between Haiti...

Monel - May 17 2012, 5:49 PM

Bel Fanm Dedette I know there is no compareson between Haiti and China.But that building China's engineering has been built in nine days, instead of the Haitian government wasting moneis in building those Bidons villes to creat more Gettos in the capital;
Why they don't invest the money to build at least 20 like
I think if they do that, they gonna give Haiti other image, instead to build those craps I see in Martelly Project 400%
They can do that, is not a big deal, in 2012 we not suppose to be like that. Dominican Republic did some, why not Haiti.

Those Guys who got the power prefered to thief the haitian people money to hidding in foreign country, and then the haitian people still in the misery in the bidons villes martelly has been built.

That's ashamed


Habitat For Haiti

Rensselaer Students Build Sustainable Bedroom for Haitian Orphanage Student Group

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