Tibobo Slapped an Haitian engineer named Judith Jean

Agent-x - May 17 2012, 7:51 AM

According to radio stations in Haiti on May 17th 2012, Martelly henchman, Roro Nelson aka Tibobo made derogatory remarks [ko.lan.ge.ma.]toward the mother of a public work engineer named Judith Jean as she was leaving her office.

When Ms. Edith Jean reciprocated in kind, Roro Nelson aka Tibobo administered to Ms. Edith Jean a thunderous slap on her face that shattered some window glasses nearby.

Subsequently, Roro Nelson aka Tibobo pulled his gun out and threatened to shoot ms. Judith Jean.

The incident occurred on broad day light in the presence of a multitude of petrified onlookers and some of them scrambled for cover after Roro Nelson aka Tibobo recklessly pulled his gun.

To cover up the incident, Martelly camp offers an alibi that Roro Nelso aka Tibobo was in Dominican Republic during the incident.

Meanwhile we learned that Calite Valentin aka Boss peint is nor really in jail in Haiti for the shooting in execution style of Octanol D

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Monel says...

After RoRo NELSON has been slapped Judith Jean in her face,couple hours after she was been kidnapped by two gunmen near park de souvenir,where that... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Are you serious? This animal slapped a woman? I was very busy today,i will dig further about this issue. I don't believe that. more »