Bel fanm Dedette, I agree with you when you said for the first...

Monel - May 17 2012, 1:53 AM

Bel fanm Dedette, I agree with you when you said for the first time 1 million children has covered free school tuition, but that's doesn't mean that Martelly has been sent 1 million children to school.

Bel fanm, in Martelly's propaganda they said:they have sent 1 million 3hundred children to school, that's false.For 1 million children we should need 24.000 news classrooms and 24.000 news teachers well-formed.And Martelly not even built"yon tonel".

By the way Dedette, when they said free school truition for 1 million children, that's an another lying.

Martelly just eliminated only the charges to enter in the national'school"PS" and lycees.

Martelly keep going with Preval's government program whach named EPP.this program used to cover free school tuition for children.

According to Mr Reginald Paul, the minister of education and vocational training, in an interview gave Mrs Marie Lucie Bonhomme in Radio Vision 2000,he said only 165.000 news children they have been sent to school for the first time.for me it's a good share, but they have to stop the propaganda about 1 million children.

2-Bel fanm you said:six of the most visible displaced-persons camps after the earthquake 2010 have been cleared are back to being public plazas.That's true, they have been cleared not by Michel Martelly, but they cleared by OIM and some NGO.
3-Bel fanm Dedette you said the renovation at the international's airport have made by him.That project have been signed on preval's presidency with the CIRH.
4-Bel fanm, I'm in Haiti now, I don't see any news hotels and shops you're talking about have begun to emerge in Haiti, if you know one, please post an adress to me, there I can verify.

In a scale 1-10,Martelly gave himself 9 and half.
Bel fanm Dedette tande, si bel pitit fi sa-a ou genyen-an ta pote yon kanet lekol ba-ou, epi se li ki mete not yo, wap pran pitit fi sa o serye.

I don't think so.
Martelly gave himself a grade, nobody couldn't take that seriously.

I gonna bring for you a short bilan of Martelly for the his first year.

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