Hey Momo, "Long time, no see", I am so sorry you feel the way...

Bernadette - May 16 2012, 11:22 PM

Hey Momo, "Long time, no see", I am so sorry you feel the way you do. Personally, I feel that Martelly is in a very tight spot and he did the best that he could for the first year of his presidency.

I don't believe anybody else could have done a better job with the exception of that dubious military and the phone tax issues...The latter is for a good cause, of course, but a unilateral decision is not the way to go when one is modeling a democratic style of leadership.

Remember, Martelly had to wait for foreign aid to revamp the economy after Preval...and is not a simple job. Foreign aid only gave a small percentage of the pledged funds coupled with his constituents who most of the time have difficulty understanding the mechanism of a functional political system, let alone how this mechanism works in relations to other countries.

I understand people are impatient with due cause.

I don't believe we can compare ourselves to Asia and in particular China who already has good political clouts and established infrastructures.

This is not fair to Haiti.

Thank you for the belated mother's day. I have two daughters.

On Mother's day I have to play both a daughter to my mother and a mother to my girls.

It feels kind a weird.

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Bel Fanm Dedette I'm tired with those announcement...


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