Bel Fanm Dedette I'm tired with those announcement that they...

Monel - May 16 2012, 9:28 PM

Bel Fanm Dedette I'm tired with those announcement that they gonna do something.

years after the earthquake more than five milliards dollars US passed as a piece of smoking.

What they had been done?nothing.Some gettos"bidons villes" like Martelly did on his project 400% on national # 1 road.What do you see there, they put all the toilets in the entrance of that project.

Sa vle di figi pep la sanble ak latrine.that ashemed.

where was those institutions at this time, when some NGO built the one room houses at leogane city for one family.

Now you think the same institutions gonna build something better than Martelly and the NGO, I don't think so. Haitian people not deserve that.
Good news!is true, I don't think they gonna build something like that for us, even in 50
Why they don't build something like that for us, they could but, if they build it up their pecentages gonna be reduced, they prefer build the"bidons villes"
I will not expect anyhing about that goog news.
Happy be late mothers day for you Dedette and Marjorie.


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