Agent-X, I hear you, next time I am classifying an article, I...

Bernadette - May 15 2012, 5:11 PM

Agent-X, I hear you, next time I am classifying an article, I will look for the proper context, although the present one is a broader classification of what you have mentioned.

I don't get the idea that an industrial park is damaging to Haiti now. What they will do to Haiti later is a different story all together.

Haiti needs to reassess its foreign policy in order to benefit somewhat more from this deal. I know Haiti needs to be fed, we are anxious for business but we also need to cover our behind for future risks by employing preventives measures, legal, civil, commercial and otherwise.

At this point it seems two choices are available to us: Complete isolation from the world or be part of the charade.

We have tried the former, although involuntarily and it got us nowhere.

The latter is new, full of dangers and possible great lost. But when you have nothing to lose, every possibility is an opportunity.

Grangou nan vent pa dous non.
We need to be knowledge-based-risk takers.

Down the line, we might need to do damage control but it goes with the territory.

Perhaps we will get new roads built up to this new industrial park. Business start-ups are great for a country, they create jobs fast. Presumably this is what this industrial park will be filled with. We should be ask for a great percentage of the owners be Haitians, for the sake of argument, let us say 80%.

If 20% are foreigners, embargo may play a lesser role...

My point is that, let us embrace this new avenue for business in Haiti, let us make sure that we get the best out of the situation.

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