Bernadette article should be classed under the following...

Agent-x - May 15 2012, 9:37 AM

Bernadette article should be classed under the following topics:
Exploitation of the third world
Third world brain drain
Haitian brain drain
Human Trafficking

It is not without reason that foreign interests are minimizing agricultural development in Haiti to keep Haitians in a state of dependency for food while trying to develop industrial park that will be soon turn out to be an ecological nightmare to the Haitian ecosystem and to the Caribbean ecosystem.

After the industrial parks are set in Haiti, those foreign countries will be able to manipulate Haitian policies and politics through embargo, furlough,all kind of blackmails, bribes,military threats beside the current shameless visas manipulations.

In addition, most of the skills learned in those industrial parks by those workers are not transferable skills and will have little relevance to the country development.

The following websites are not directly relevant to the topic above but they could help when doing research.

Human rights group says Duvalier sold Haitian


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