I believe you guys are having a cultural clash. Cultural clash...

Bernadette - May 1 2012, 9:23 PM

I believe you guys are having a cultural clash.

Cultural clash has no color but bounds by culture.

President Martelly in his enthusiasm to support Mr. Moise shoots straight from his heart.

America does business differently.

There are rules and regulations that must be followed, friends or not. America takes very seriously where funding political campaigns are coming from. Do Americans deviate from those rules?

Yes, but when they get caught, it might cost them their seats or worse.

Other political leaders like Martelly may not know all the rules or the sociology of American politics, but usually they have other members of their cabinets to do the leg work for them. Martelly will have plenty of meetings with other foreign nations, I suggest that he familiarizes himself with those countries do's and don't's. Otherwise he will face the risks of being ostracized by other nations.

Being Head of State is no laughing matters.

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