Mr Wilbert we have already tried that option in 2004,when the...

Monel - April 30 2012, 8:31 PM

Mr Wilbert we have already tried that option in 2004,when the defacto-prime minister Gerard Latortue aka "Gro Jera"has been giving the green light to all industrials, dealers,those who import or export 3 years taxes brack or taxes free.
What did that shi't bring to haiti, nothing.

Unfortunately those who already had money become richer, and the haitian people are always in misery.

In most devloped countries and industrializing as United States that option doesn't work.did you remember the Obama bellout at the autos-companies, Mr Obama has made lot of efforts in that sens to bring the USA economy up, to creat jobs, untill now the americans are always in a fierce unemployment.

In a poor country like ours, that option already failled," pou nou se gre's kochon-an pou ki kwit kochon-an, menm si kochon-an me'g, paske depi lindepandans gran manje'pa janm sispann degrese kochon-an".

we must counted on taxes'but the state have to put tags to everybody to respect and manage thew good of the state.

there we don't need to give all those "gran manje'"any taxes free the way they could get more money on the haitian people's back.
Si nou pran egzamp Laurent Lamothe ki tap souse peyi-a nan ape'l rantran, li pat janm peye tax, se pandan Martelly nome'l pou vinn premye minis li resi al peye 5 ane tax.
Wilbert ban mwen van pou male lagonav tande.

Gen le' ou ta renmen vole sayo vinn pi vole sou do pe'p la.


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