Mr Serge Benoit Now, I think you're well edify about those...

Monel - April 27 2012, 6:29 PM

Mr Serge Benoit Now, I think you're well edify about those links Agent-x has been posted in your attention.

Because you'er an innocent, you don't know Stanley Lucas, or you did not knowingly.

STanley Lucas is a mercenary who work for the Republican Party in order to frustrate Martelly's government, in the november american's election, when president Obama have to go to debat with the republican nominee, there they gonna find argument to put Obama to the wall on the haiti political policy.

He named himself like Washington ambassador when Martelly just got the power.

Mr Clinton who knows Stanley Lucas very well, Advise President Martelly to make another choice close IHRC, Where Mr clinton preside.

Mr Stanley Lucas is nothing in Martelly government.They keep him like a propagandist as; JOSEPH LUCIEN JURAT-HARRISSON ERNEST-GIUCHARD DORE-GUY C DELVA-to cite just that.
In the interview Mr Lucas Talked the way since Martelly got the power the corruptions decreases.But Mr Serge Benoit you don't remember when Patrick Chery asked him question about scandal corruption between Martelly and DR senator Bautista who revealed the most prestigious journalist in latin ameraca NURIA PIERA.

For you Mr Serge Benoit"koripsyon-an bese ou byen li pi ogmante sou martelly".

Mr Lucas did not enswer this question clearly." li te pito ap detounen diol li lanve pou li te defann VO'LE' parey li-a.
Koripsyon an telman ogmante sou Martelly, Sofia ap vo'le'.Papa Sofia ki rele st remy ap vole.Roro Nelson ap koupe rache pou li voye peye Child support, Premye minis ap vole pou peye vo't nan palman.

minis yo se papale.

Mr Benoit stanley lucas pa di ki jan fe yon konseye prezidan al nan dwan sou frontye' malpas pou lap kolekte tax, jiskaske li rive tiye yon jen komesan.

li pa di sa yo se koripsyon.

se no'mal pou konseye-a al vole sou frontye'a.


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