Crook # 2, Compares Haiti, to a plane without pilot.

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 21 2012, 6:06 PM

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21/04/2012 12:28:46

Mirlande Manigat compares the country, to a plane without pilot
Mirlande Manigat declared this week "[...] we are in a country like a plane without pilot, a ship without a rudder, because on one side we have a President who is recovering, and you know that I sent publicly my best wishes for recovery to the President Martelly, so it is the head of the executive on one side, a government resigned on the other.

That is to say that the state has no leader now in Haiti, because our Constitution provides that in case of temporary incapacity of the Head of State, the Prime Minister takes the rudder but the Prime Minister has resigned so there are plenty of things that the Prime Minister can not do [...]"

A confused political situation
"The political situation in Haiti has never been so confused" this is how the Deputy Accluche Louis-Jeune described on Friday the situation in Haiti "We are facing a real political imbroglio aggravated by a set of records sensitive." He deplored that the Parliament did not assume its role of "last bastion" against the development of the situation and appealed to the President Martelly so that he convene urgently a national dialogue with all the active forces, to prevent the collapse of the country.

New Government commissioner in Cap-Haitien
The former Commissioner of the Government of Gona

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