Martelly is an undocumented Haitian and undocumented hospital patient

Agent-x - April 20 2012, 4:16 PM

Michel Martelly has been embattled in a case where he refuse to tell the Haitian people that he never renounced to the Haitian nationality.

Now he has a new case where he is apparently victims of his own repertoire of tricks.

Doctors around the world are questioning his short stay in Florida for his so called pulmonary embolism.

The question is:
Did the doctor inadvertently misdiagnosed Michel Martelly?

Does Michel Martelly the would be actor has a new show in Florida?

Does Michel Martelly the political patient is afraid of uncle Bean?

Does Michel Martelly the diplomat & Sorcerer's Apprentice is the victims of his own miscalculated trick?

Does Michel Martely the liar's Apprentice shoots himself in the foot?

Did Martelly went to Florida to meet Colombian, Dominicans,Asians TLC women with his wife's approval?

We the Haitian people and tax payers have a right to know within 168 hours starting April 23rd 2012,the name of the hospital where Martelly claimed he stayed, the name of the doctors that diagnosed Martelly with pulmonary embolism and the reason he stayed for a short period of time and why he did not used an ambulance airplane?

Martelly were are the proofs.

We need to examine them. We want to know the total cost.

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