Democracy in Haiti is far to reach, with the fragility of a...

Tizwit - April 18 2012, 7:26 PM

Democracy in Haiti is far to reach, with the fragility of a long political transition, The need for a new constitution with law and order is almost uncertain.

Most of haitians living in Haiti really doubt the seriousness and the competency of the authorithies, confrontations amongst the policemen and lawmakers are a daily living obstacles, Questionning the Haitian police officers about those incidents nearly ninety nine per cent will answer you with cautiousness it's political therefore money greed and power truly play a major role in the actual situation, some haitians even believe changing the political squad will carry a different result.

Do the lawmakers in haiti are working to harmonize the relation with the executive and facilitate the police forces to accomplish their duties is extremely hard to explain.

It clearly seemms there is confusion which will cause an unevitable chaos.

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