6th Summit of the Americas was a fiasco & sound the death knell of OAS

Agent-x - April 15 2012, 7:02 PM

The 6th Summit of the Americas was a resounding fiasco and signaling the death knell of OAS not because Michel Martelly was unable to find enough Dominican women to go with him because the demand for such women there was unexpectedly high than anticipated in Cartagena, Colombia from April 12 to 16th 2012,but because the US intransigence to continue to keep the immoral economic embargo on Cuba.

Obama probably has no choices before his reelection.

He is most likely will end the embargo after being reelected and restore Aristide to political power.

Otherwise, young men and women in Latin Americas and the Caribbean will go East to find economic solace in Pekin/Bejin and this will be the death knell of OAS and the waning of US substantial influence in the region.

By the way: Agent-X send his compliments to Martely for surreptitiously staying away from the 6th summit of the Americas whether his decision was a calculated one in solidarity with Cuba or was for circumstances that are apparently beyond his control such as the law of supply and demand where he did not have enough monies to pay Dominican women to go with the Haitian delegation because they went to the higher bidders even-though some of them were shortchanged.

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Monel says...

Martelly Stayed away from the 6th Summit of the Americas,not because he's being sick,but that's because he's already known that he's not gonna meet... more »

Agent-x says...

Monel, do you know that the president of Argentina,Cristina Fern more »