That is your opinion. You are of course entitled to it...

William Jusme - April 13 2012, 9:39 PM

That is your opinion.

You are of course entitled to it. However, I don't know President Martelley in any form or shape.

The only thing I can say: he is better than any of the previous Haitian presidents in my life time. At least, he is doing something.

At least he shows that he cares for Haiti and the poor Haitian people.

What I cannot understand, Haitians always find ways not to help their own country by using all kind of excuses.

I am not living the past. I am looking at the future.

As far as the money the government collects on each transfer and phone calls, yes, I agree it should be a law; however, it is doing more good than bad. When was the last time you went to Haiti?

There are a lot of kids going to school now because of this form of collection the government put in place.

As far as some of us in the Diaspora, we are as bad as the ones in Haiti.

If they have their hand on the money, they would do the same thing.

The changes must begin within.

Each one of us must understand it is time to change our attitude and behavior toward our country.

I don

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William julme,it look like you just have a foolish's...

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