I agree, we are one of a kind, unique. In the early days of...

Etienne - April 12 2012, 12:08 PM

I agree, we are one of a kind, unique.

In the early days of Haiti it worked for us and some other countries may have copied our medel.

In the past three or four decades, our one of a kind, uniqueness method of during things have not moved us forward, Haiti has been stuck and the "ego" of some have held us back and caused us on several occasion, to skirt with the prospect of becoming a fail state.

Our ancestors paved the way to a more prosperous future and we failed badly to advantage of that opportunity.

I am sorry to say that that The establishment politicians are not working for Haiti or the people of Haiti.

They are stuck on a non-issue such as the elected president's nationality.

How is that going to move the country forward?

It's a dawn shame...it's unbelievable our we were once the richest country in the Caribbean to being for so long stuck with the label of the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

I have hope and we can do better than that. To answer the questions, NO the state of Haiti today is not worth copying nor is STATE of Haiti following any successful model.

We are definitely unique in so many good ways and I am proud to be a Haitien.

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