Based on my years of observation, I think most of the Arabs...

Agent-x - April 4 2012, 5:00 PM

Based on my years of observation, I think most of the Arabs, Africans and the Haitians suffer from verbal diarrhea,["verbal masturbation" to use J.P. Alexandre vocabulary]or logomania or logorrhea.

They usually have a cell phone pasted with crazy glue on their jaw so they could blabbermouth indefinitely.

Go to most Arab stores, Africans and Haitian stores or street peddlers and observe their obsession and inordinate time they spent on the cell phones.

They makes themselves vulnerable to the Real Axis of Evil--RAoE by become an open book and an open secret.

Consequently, even if and only if, Guy Philippe portrays himself as a maroon or erroneously believe he is a maroon, his associates, collaborators,friends, families,concubines constitutes his weakest links.

And it is imperative to remember this motto:

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

The following links are vivid illustration to this. Even the semi-wise like J.P.A. will attest to this when he is not under the influence of exotic herbs.

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Agent-x,Guy Philippe don't have a phone or cell...


US Special forces arrested Guy Phillipe tonight

US Special forces arrested Guy Phillipe tonight. He is being transported by a US Navy helicopter to a destroyer in the...

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