Lovanist St vilus, the first time you did attack me, I didn't...

Monel - April 4 2012, 4:59 PM

Lovanist St vilus, the first time you did attack me, I didn't see any obligation to answer someone with an empty brain, who only here to accuse people who wasting their times make some reseach to bring something up for others bloggers who got capacity to make the real debate on haiti"s crisis.

You know why I answer yuo now, because you said I got two styles, one look like that I'm not be able to write good english, another one like Agent-x style.

I got only one style of writing english, this is the one you see now, and I got before coming to USA.If you don't have nothing to do'Please put one of your fingers in your fat A S S suck it.
By the way Bro, you don't have an english skill either'you are the same like everybody who make a little bit effort to get some english just to work in MCdonald.

On this blog I know those who got an english skill or well educated, not a cunt wor'thless piece of shi't like you.

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Jean Pierre, you can believe what you want to believe...


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Monel I hurt by you reply because i put 7 kids to...

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