Benardette, sorry to tell you the way it goes with the USA...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 28 2012, 8:38 AM

Benardette, sorry to tell you the way it goes with the USA specially if you was an informant, CIA,Attache, contractor,the eyes, Monitor,Stand by Operator, many more short terms whitch i forget most of them myself.

You can go back inside of your Mom's wromb, they will come and deal with you.
To me more simple with you, if you think you can play unfair with that paper you sign while things were sweet"well Dedette"
They looks at you just like a deserter, runaway loaded train with no brakes.

Those Guys we have in Haiti are not just common criminals;okay!you are a smart woman;Just figure it out.
Someone i know went to hide in Jacmel" i mean in some joupa in the back mountains of Jacmel" after refusing to go in his mission.

With out the knowledge of the Haitian Government, only one special force chopper went and pick him up.
We all knew, but couln'd say or do anything.

It's look like your guys don't know or understand who is the policy of USA.
By the way that guy looks like a retarded now, just like someone they drain his sences out of him.
If they truly want you, they will come for you, period.

Forget about extradition laws.
Haitians sign themselves into alot of sweet deals and unknow traps.

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Jean Pierre, Yes I do understand that when you play...

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