Thank you Monel for shedding some light on this beautiful...

Jean Michel Archer - March 27 2012, 7:13 PM

Thank you Monel for shedding some light on this beautiful young man who got killed.

Thank you Bernadette to give us some vivid and pertinent information about young Black men in the United States.

This information is so valuable to us who are sleeping and can't see farther than our nose. All we can think about is Haiti and trivia about Haiti.

This is the reason the world is passing us by. We are not watching and is also the reason that other nations don't respect us. All we are good for is cursing other people without seeing who truly are helping us. I don't like partisanship but real people who are helping us to see things clear and help us live a better life we refuse to see because we are too preoccupy with partisanship.

To all of you who can't see the true people who can really help: Go to hell. You are NOT HELPING.

You are all egotistic bums. In my book real people like Bernadette, Monel, Agent-X, Toulimen, Antoine nan Gomier, Marjorie Middy and the likes are the true people who are helping us.
Thank you again for your information in helping us see the true America.



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