Agent X, when I heard complaints about franklin montinat in...

Martelly S Supporter - March 26 2012, 10:17 PM

Agent X, when I heard complaints about franklin montinat in Haiti, in Florida, and NY, on how his gangs are functioning in Gressier, I was very upset of the injustices and pain caused by these thugs, on the young Haitian men.
I had to investigate for myself.

I have found so much dirt on montinat, the 10th grader, ex-tonton macoute, criminal, assassin.

Also, inspector Herman of the commissariat of Gressier one of his associates, I was in shock to the point that I couldn't sleep well for a few days. I have exposed and reported earlier some of their crimes but, because montinat is Martelly's friend, he has to stay in Gressier, continue his negative activities, which are extortion, killing and lying.

Many of the Gressier's policemen according to my reseaches are looking for to gundown this thief, for many reasons that I've reported before.

This man has hundreds of complaints at the Parquet of Port-au-Prince, as well.
If you do not believe my reports, check youtube or investigate before reaching to your conclusion.

The young haitians deserve better as Haitians in their country.

I will continue to expose montinat, until they replace him by a lawer, someone who knows the law and will seek justice for all.

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