The end of the gangsters, the extortionists, the thugs like...

Martelly S Supporter - March 26 2012, 5:13 AM

The end of the gangsters, the extortionists, the thugs like Jean Claude Dambrezel, franklin montinat and his gangs, many of those thieves in the judiciary system has to come very soon. The Haitien people have enough of the injustice and the humiliation inflicted on them by these thugs.

Michel Martelly is making a big mistake in supporting these assassins.

It has been reported to the president, many of the crimes commited by franklin montinat, the tenth grade judge of Gressier and his associates, instead opening an investigation on these criminals, Martelly praises them for their accomplishments.

Where is the promess that Martelly has made to the people, to reform the judiciary system?

Before franklin montinat came in Gressier, he was a big thief in Petit Groave, stealling all that he could put his hand on. He has ordered the execution of many innocents while there.

The people wanted him out of their town, or they would make him pay for all his crimes, against them.
He could no longer stay there, so his friends who need him to be their complices, allowed him to come to Gressier, so they can take people land, make money and kill innocent people.

Where is Justice in Ha


Operation zero tolerance for extortionist

Operation zero tolerance for the extortionists, gangsters and mercenaries that are masquerading as military will start...

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