Jean Pierre Alexandre this is how confuse you are: The Haitian...

Agent-x - March 25 2012, 6:50 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre this is how confuse you are:
The Haitian military has been killing and massacring the Haitian population since several generations.

The Haitian military never defended Haiti against foreigners hostile action in Haiti.

Whenever the Haitian military use their weapons it is invariably against Haitians.

To the contrary, the Haitian military always sided with the Americans, and the Haitian elite that hold foreign passports and brags that they are not Haitians.

Those are the ones that kill Haitians.[Remenber What President Idi Amin have done to those Indians that hold British passport in Uganda and bragged that they were superior to the Africans there even-though they lived there for many generations?]

According to Arthur de Gobineau in "Essai sur l'inegalite des races humaines / An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races" When the mulatos are in power in Haiti they massacred the blacks and when the black are in power they massacred the mulatoes.

Those massacre are very often done by the military.

The former Haitian military was helpless when The former president of Dominican Republic, Rafael Le

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