We do love Obama, however many haitians are mad hat him for...

Nicolas Ismael - March 22 2012, 12:13 PM

we do love Obama, however many haitians are mad hat him for having left the clintons give free access to such an immoral person to lead haiti.

As an ex radio broadcaster, a 24/7 like michael martelly, I have medited more than 1000 times to conclude: they used to say that US never liked haiti, I did not think so, then when I use to be in haiti, from people in the street, i heard different sounds compare to france.

therefore after the wonderful gift of the the trio BHO, i do admit that I was naive to not conceive it as true. anyway, Haiti is not going to perish then to everything there's a time. neverthereless, if after more than 300 years of slavery we did not discourage to finally open other countries eyes, it is not actually to create defeat.

I can't understand that haiti is approximately situated at few hundred miles from the number one country on earth while haiti is the poorest of the carribean hemisphere.


I hope that haitians of new jersey, especially florida don't stay mean regarding Obama, then it is not him.! he did not have any other choice! haitian's votes= some 80,000 or 90,000, while Bill and HIlary worth millions.

Haitian people, I try to let you know that Obama has net met Michael Martelly.

So he's not fully responsible for this electoral farce making Michael president of Haiti.

forgime for those mistakes,(mispeled word and gramar)

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