who's lying? ki yes kap bay manti?nobody knows!

Monel - March 18 2012, 9:54 PM

Ki moun ki Gen dwa bay manti?

Mwen pa konnen !
Eske tou manti fon?

Mwen pa konnen !
Eske verite konn kache?

Laaaa mwen gen yon repons!
Verite pa janm kache, yon manti toujou demaske yon lot manti.

pafwa le wap bay manti, ou toujou bliye premye pawol 'ou, se pou sa manman'm te toujou di'm:"never ever lie".

Mr Kenneth H. Merten aka tonton Bisha or Jessifra, the March 8th 2012,in a masquerade tragic-comedy organized at the national's palace in a shame deal against Haitian people said:Michel J. Martelly not a citizen American, at this time all the dou'che bags who were assisted this theater applause they were right:"paske se blan ki pale."
But Kenneth H. Merten was wrong when he said Michel J. Martelly is Haitian.

I think there was an ingerance in Haiti affairs, because Kenneth H. Merten is not well be placed to identify any Haitian's identity.

At the same time Kenneth H. Merten aka "bos masel ou papa pye" forgot that he said the president of Haiti has been returned in his office a green card named" Michael j.Martelly".but I think there he was right when he said the president Joseph Michel Martelly not American, because they not required him to talk about"Michael J. Martelly.

Who's lying?.

The president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly, in that same scenario has been shown 8 passports, all of them named Michel J.Martelly.but one has stamped and confirmed by the president was indeed traveled in the A'A flight on November 21st 2007.
I remember when the senator Mr. Anick Francois revelations, Mr Max Theano who was in charge to relate between the parliament and the presidential made a lot of stupidest published in the media about that date. he has said the president was performed that day in a festival patronal at ARNIQUET, that's mean Michel J. Martelly alias Sweet Micky by gone era wasn't traveled that day.Who's lying?.

The Haitian immigration was sent the November 21st 2007 manifest to the parliament investigation without any passengers named Michel J. Martelly.now our president got a passport with Haitian immigration that he was on November 21st 2007 of American airlines.

Who's lying?.

According to the journal Washington Times, in a article written by James Morrison, the A'A last release manifest has a passenger named Michael J. Martelly, no Michel J Marelly, on board A'A 737 flight the November 21st 2007. Anybody think American airlines could made that stupidity mistake to check a passenger with different documents named, I don't think so. Who's lying?.

According to the investigation members at the parliament, after studying all 8 passports released by president Michel J. Martelly, they have been found lot of anomalies suspect in the president 8 passports, but the most inquietude that, they only seen that Michel J. Martelly last traveled from Haiti to anywhere in the 8 passports since August 2008.
Anybody can tell, since August 2008 according to the 8 passports, Michel J. Martelly never travelled until they gave him the diplomatic's passport after he has invested the power on May 14th 2001,I don't think so.that's mean our president still hiding a passport.

Who's lying?

I've sent those questions to all my co-bloggers, because I don't have those answers.I'm so confused.

1-Kenneth H. Merten said the truth?

2-The Michel J. Martelly passport stamped shown he was on A'A flight November 21st 2007,is it false or suspect?

3-Who's the president of Haiti?

4-Who's Michael J. Martelly?

5-Is the president Michel J. Martelly hiding something?

6-Do you think after Kenneth H. Merten aka Zibreis tragic-comedy in the national palace's speech the case was closed?

7- what shameless deal President Michel J. Martelly signed with Kenneth H. Merten on the Haitian's back?


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Se kalan'mbwe ki toujou ap bay manti,vole'e,visye,asasin ak parazit't. Si se manti k'yo te bay,kafe yo ap pral koule'e ak m'ma. Map suiv tout't... more »

Neg K Desdunes says...