After the tragic-comedy did at the national palace the 8th...

Monel - March 16 2012, 9:18 PM

After the tragic-comedy did at the national palace the 8th March ago, it looks like ambassador Kenneth Merten aka tonton bisha or Jessifra loose his mind or someone who got Alzheimer attack.

I couldn't imagine he compares the world trade center attacked with our disaster with 300.000 death and a capital entirely destroy.

That comparison has been shown to us the way Kenneth Merten is happy about the 8th March's deal on the Haitian people's back, to intervene in the Haitian affairs..

We don't know what kind of deal that Michel J. Martelly aka Michael J. Martelly was been signed with the state department to say the actual president of Haiti is Haitian.

we already knew that Michel J. Martelly is a native born, but Kenneth Merten has to tell us that the same actual president never renounce with his nationality." dossier a suive."
Before the 8th March deal, Kenneth merten was boycott all the official event made by Michel J. Martelly aka Michael J. Martelly, he was mad in any press interview, now after the deal he has seen a good sign for democracy in Haiti.what good sign he talking about.

A country under a high insecurities, people die like dog in the street in all classes.

during February and in the middle March, RNDDH revealed 130 death,117 was killed by the criminals on motorcycle.

In my life, I've never seen any deal like this, always against people Haitian people, the 8th March deal gonna be better for Martelly and his small group, Haitian people don't have any advantage in that darkness' deal between Martelly and state department.

We not gonna take too long time to feel the effect on the country, because the truth cannot be leak already knows everything.

in a matter of days or months" deblozay la pral Pete, paske mwen konnen martelly pa janm kinbe mo'l.

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