If he is against the corruption the wicked birds have done in...

Patrick Princivil - March 15 2012, 10:54 AM

If he is against the corruption the wicked birds have done in the past, why not?

I don't care about his religion, but robbing is not good. Because the nation is already corrupt by robbing Haiti, we are afraid to say yes or not about candidate of Haiti or other black people's country.

To fix Haiti properly, they have to start to give credit to the true Seventh day Adventist members.

We will teach them about the ten commandments, like we do now. We must have diploma our Master degree and more to do certain things to help the community.

But all the talent's people can do amazing thing without to be President or Prime minister, Senators etc. I live in Canada from March 6/1990, the thing the senators and other denominations don't want to hear is: I have a double nationality, if I tell you I am Canadia, some Quebecois will say: the first time in their lives they see black Canadians our black Quebecois.

The funny thing is: some black people are born in Canada.

But I can tell you I have my Canadian's citizenship.

Satan and the bad angels train Haitian to be the way they are. 5 percents just choose a corrupt President, robbing Haiti, seating in the garbage like nothing and keep their money in bank from other countries and don't even use a 10 percent of the money inside Haiti.

This is the way Satan and the bad Angels set them up from 1956 to February/2012.

To fix a mess like that, we have to be real Christians and be careful about the Christians you choose.

A lot of the wicked birds who say they are Christians, are in the Parliament of Haiti and have big position inside the church, some of them are pastors.

The positif thing is: Canada-US is not like that. I am afraid for some of them because they reject God; but they love their own countries.

Maybe the majority of the black people drain the blood God in heaven gave them and replace it by crapy blood from VOODOO priests or mix it by animal's blood.

I can't believe that. Think about that?

The candidate: Madame Manigat is approved by a lot of people who train and spend years and years in the University and a lot of Haitians there are train properly to do better from colleges our University and study everywhere in the world.

You know because of corruption of Haiti, the poor people who study inside Haiti have more knowledge than the rich who never travel in the big countries.

Because the rich have money to by whatever qualification's paper they want, they will just by it under the table from the Goverment of Haiti.

This is very big mess, imagine a company is looking for a truck trailer driver with a minimum 2 years experience, somebody come with a fake liscense and practice on a truk trailer for only one week?

Because they have (piston), they will get the job. They don't even realize they dig a hole to kill themselves and a lot of people in the community.

So, think about that! When R

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